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We're Hosting A Fraser Valley Field Day!

Fraser Valley Field Day: Cover Cropping

Join us on October 5th for a field walk through three cover crop fields.Learn about the methods being tested and hear from the researchers!

Cover cropping is a method of planting that helps build healthy soil and can be practiced in any farming operation. Cover cropping keeps the ground covered and helps with continued carbon sequestration in non-production areas. They significantly reduce emissions from nitrogen fertilizers by providing healthy nutrients to the soil. When carefully chosen and appropriately managed, cover crops can benefit production for farmers and help mitigate climate change.

Farmers will have a chance to see three large test plots with a cover crop mix planted with corn. Each plot receives a different application and is monitored for productivity. Soil sampling is done regularly, and data is recorded diligently to create a useful report when the trial ends. Farmers will have access to this data and information on how each plot performs. The field day will include a field walk to each plot where attendees can asses the cover crops growing, our host will speak about the process and results for each plot and answer questions, and additional guest speakers will lend their experience and expertise to support learning.



The ReFeed Farm is located in the heart of the Fraser River delta in Langley, BC. They work directly with partner farms to develop programs, best practices, and new products to help farmers build healthy soil and growing systems. ReFeed works with Davistead farms, a family-run business that has been farming in the Langley Township for over 100 years. Davistead raises dairy cattle, growing forage crops on their land for feed. ReFeed Farms utilizes acreage on Davistead Farms to experiment with growing cover crops amongst forage crops, monitoring for performance and changes in the soil. They plant a mixed cover crop species amongst their corn crop, on three plots that receive different applications.

The guest speakers include ReFeed's Robby Gass and Mikaela Frame, Metro Vancouver Regional Agrologist for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Drew Bondar, and Regional Agrologist for Sea to Sky, Sunshine Coast, and Central Fraser Valley Conley Keyes.

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