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Alpha Green Nutrient Vigor+ Fertilizer

2-4-4-2 | Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate + Sulfate of Potash. High quality, high analysis blend of Alfalfa, Rock Phosphate and Sulphate of Potash all in one pellet. Plant and sedimentary based pellet that is a soil conditioner, a soil amendment, and anti‐compaction agent. Adds over 30 nutrients to balance the soil, including calcium. Contains fiber to improve soil moisture retention. Flash-dried premium alfalfa, ground into a powder, mixed with rock phosphate and sulfate of potash, and formed into 4mm pellets.  All the benefits of Nutrient Vigor with additional sulfur. A perfect boost for sulfur-deficient soils.

BioChar can be used as a direct amendment to soil. Prior blending of this BioChar product with compost, peat, or other soil supplements that are rich in nutrients is recommended. Blending ensures suitable nutrients are readily available to plants.