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Operating from its farm in Langley, BC ReFeed is both a one-of-a-kind integrated waste food processing facility and a centre of innovation for nutrition reclamation. While actively engaged in tackling the issues of food waste, food insecurity, and soil depletion, ReFeed Farm is also helping to define best practices and advance nutrient recovery.

In developing its Circular Nutrition™ model which turns unused food back into nutrition for humans, livestock, and the soil, ReFeed has adapted and integrated a number of technologies which allow it to reclaim 100% of the nutrients from waste food and return them to the food cycle.

 Combining fresh and dehydrated food reclamation, feedstock production, and a unique worm-based organic soil production, ReFeed will be a key driver in helping reduce carbon emissions and on-farm chemical use, while tackling local food insecurity and showcasing modern agriculture.

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