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- ReFeed Canada - 

ReFeed Canada was founded with the mission of repairing the food system by capturing and using 100% of the nutrition found in unused food and returning it to feed people, livestock, and the soil. 

We call this approach Circular Nutrition™

Today ReFeed Canada is uniting its core directions, such as food recovery social initiatives, manufacturing, distributions, educational and consulting services to fit our Circular Nutrition™ approach. We bring together experts, partners and community leaders that are inspired by the idea of "Healthy soil. Healthy food. Healthy people".  We connect producers and users of biofertilizers and soil amendments around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions. At ReFeed Canada, we're driving research in biology, biotechnology, crop protection, and data science, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to farmers faster than ever before. 
Our Circular Nutrition™ model reimagines the food use cycle to extract full nutrition from the unused and excess food through the following steps:
  • Redirect usable food to food banks
  • Turn useable food into consumer goods like dehydrated fruit snacks
  • Process produce and produce trim vegetables into livestock feed
  • Use worm beds to produce natural fertilizers and soil amendment products with remaining food.
  • The benefits of this model include avoiding using land to produce food exclusively for livestock, reducing the need for newly produced food, reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides, increased carbon sequestration, and feeding people in need.

    - Our Production Facility, ReFeed Farm - 

    Our first production facility, ReFeed Farm, located in Langley, BC, has been the test bed and proving ground for Circular Nutrition™ model, where it has demonstrated its effectiveness, scalability, and economic benefits. It is modular and portable, and can be used to improve food use and decrease food loss wherever they are applied. 


    - Our Distribution Centre - 

    Located in the heart of Langley City, ReFeed Canada’s new distribution centre is the element that closes the gap in Circular Nutrition™.  It gives us the space that allows to expand the range of distributed and in-house products for our customers with the goal of becoming the premier source of soil and growing products for sustainable horti- and agriculture.