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Coin4Planet Partnership

Coin4Planet Partnership

ReFeed Farms partners with Coin4Planet to Revolutionize Green Investments 

The online world can support real-world regenerative projects by purchasing eNFTS 

ReFeed Farms and Coin4Planet are pleased to announce that ReFeed Farms has been selected as a Genesis Project of Coin4Planet, a new blockchain-based financial infrastructure and marketplace. Coin4Planet enables companies and private investors to invest directly in regenerative activities while accessing a range of benefits including impact offsets and building up a positive ESG sustainability score with audited and transparent year-end impact reports. 

Coin4Planet selects and authenticates companies working in a variety of sustainable environmental fields, then connects them to private and institutional investors through their online marketplace. Coin4Planet founding partner Reality Gaming Group provides the backbone of their low-carbon footprint eNFTs powered by Amazon Web Services which investors can purchase to support projects which best meet their goals while tracking their results in a transparent way. 

ReFeed Farms works in the field of regenerative agriculture, turning unused food into nutrition for people, livestock, and the soil using its unique Circular Nutrition™ model. At the ReFeed Canada farm in Langley, British Columbia, ReFeed has proven its model and technology, sorting and processing bulk resources from the agrifood industry into food for the local food banks and feed for livestock. 

The final step in their circular reclamation process occurs in their proprietary vertical worm beds. Earthworms act as a bioconversion engine turning the balance of the food waste into microbially dense castings which can be used to replace synthetic fertilizers and replenish the soil. 

“We are absolutely pumped about this earth changing partnership with Coin 4 Planet,” said ReFeed founder and CVO Stuart Lilley. “Merging the virtual world with scalable, climate-focussed real-world projects is exactly the kind of outside of the box thinking we need to fix our planet for future generations.” 

The project will make 5210 ReFeed Farms eNFTs available, with each one representing roughly 10,000 worms at the ReFeed Farm in British Columbia, Canada. The first drop of 640 eNFTs is planned for December 2021 and the complete project is expected to allow ReFeed to annually divert and bioconvert over 7,500,000 lb of unused food, which would have otherwise ended up in composts and landfills. The ReFeed Farms eNFTs will entitle the holder to the associated impact and sustainability score impacts for a period of three years. 

"Through our partner Coin4Planet, Reality Gaming Group is thrilled and proud to work with ReFeed Farms and their founder Stuart Lilley,” said Morten Rongaard co-founder and CEO of Reality Gaming Group. “It is my vision to restore the regenerative capacity of our planet and turn the tide from regenerative overdue to overflow before 2030 and Coin4Planet is the bridge which will connect gaming and regenerative projects.” 

Coin4Planet ReFeed Farms eNFTs will be offered through where detailed information about their goals and processes is available. Learn more about ReFeed Farms and its Circular Nutrition™ model at 


About Coin4Planet: Coin4Planet was founded in 2021 to bring businesses and regenerative projects together with the goal of creating large-scale climate and restorative impact. Built in partnership with Reality Gaming Group on their backbone of low carbon blockchain powered by AWS servers, the Coin4Planet platform allows companies to invest directly in impact and improve the externality value of their companies. 

Coin4Planet is committed to traceability, transparency and credibility and its unique structure enables businesses to build up their ESG sustainability score on third-party verified regenerative projects and see the progress in real time. Third-party verified year-end green accounting reports will give eNFT owners the ability to share their sustainability score data with clients, customers, employees, and shareholders. 

About ReFeed Farms: “For the Love of Food, People and Planet.” 

ReFeed Farms is on a mission to create sustainable food systems for future generations. It is revolutionizing the food recovery industry with a groundbreaking Circular Nutrition™ model which collects unused food, along with agri-food by-products, and turns 100% of it into nutrients to feed humans, livestock, and the soil. Its systems are modular, scalable, and can be implemented where food and nutrition go to waste. 

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