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ReFeed Announces New President & COO

ReFeed Announces New President & COO

Dino Accili joins ReFeed Canada as President & COO to help lead it forward into 2023

ReFeed Canada is thrilled to announce that Dino Accili has joined our team as President and COO. Dino has a long career in the waste management, ag-food, and horticulture supply spaces in a variety of leadership and business development roles, most recently with Greenstar Plant Products and Hydrofarm.

After completing his degree in Urban and Environmental Planning with sights set on becoming a landscape architect, Dino decided to spend some time exploring the business world. He found that he was passionate about the manufacture and distribution of horticultural and industrial products and went on to spend many years working in this field. 

After starting out in the business for the City of Vancouver’s City Farmer program, he moved on to be the National Sales Manager for Allies Wholesale Garden Supplies selling in the commercial agriculture, horticulture, and garden centre markets, and building national and international distribution channels. Following a successful run with Allies, Dino went on to build and lead sales organizations for medium and large companies in the lumber and waste businesses including Woodtone Building Products and Waste Management of Canada. 

2014 saw Dino returning to the horticulture business and Allies, which was now under the Greenstar Plant Products banner. After managing through a series of sales and acquisitions and becoming President and GM of Hydrofarm Canada, Dino moved on into the VC and consulting field focussed on helping a number of horticultural companies develop their business and growth strategies. 

Dino met ReFeed Canada's CVO Stuart Lilley early on and continued to be in touch and follow ReFeed as we developed our Circular Nutrition™ model. Dino saw a perfect fit between what he wanted to do next and what we were trying to achieve. He joined ReFeed as President and COO this fall.  Since joining us, Dino has worked with Stuart to sign multiple distribution deals, developed a distribution network of partners, and created a growth strategy for manufacturing soil amendments and building out infrastructure.  As a result, we are poised to hit the ground running in 2023.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Dino to the ReFeed team! 

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