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ReFeed + Distributed Products



Specially designed “Odor Control” product for use with any cat litter. This non-toxic and chemical free product is great for controlling litter box smell in small spaces.

BioSoil Special Herb Blend

A special soil blend designed for the purpose of growing herbs providing all the organic nutrients they need. Use for indoor applications or exterior planters, pots and garden plots.

BioSoil - All Purpose Soil

A basic soil blend designed for most general purpose growing applications including vegetables, flowers & hanging baskets, vines & shrubs, berries and fruit, plants, planters & gardens and more.

BioSoil - Cannabis Specialty Blend

A special Cannabis soil blend designed for indoor growing applications. Promotes maximum growth and yield of healthier plants with denser buds.

BioSoil - Best Indoor/Outdoor Mix

A special soil blend designed for indoor/outdoor growing applications. Ideal for flowers, vegetables and other plants grown in pots, planters or greenhouses.


BioPellets are derived from organic sources providing benefits to both plants and soil and won’t burn or damage plants. Organic nutrient pellets stimulate beneficial soil micro-organisms and improve the structure of the soil. Soil microbes play a key role in converting organic fertilizers into soluble nutrients that can be absorbed by plants at a rate they can use.

Odor Control Pellets

Odor Control Pellets by Canadian AgriChar absorb offensive odors caused by pets, farm animals, or any other source of smell.

BioChar Soil Amendment

BioChar can be used as a direct amendment to soil. Prior blending of this BioChar product with compost, peat, or other soil supplements that are rich in nutrients is recommended. Blending ensures suitable nutrients are readily available to plants.