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About Us

ReFeed Canada is a nutrient recovery company unlike anything ever put together before.  Based out of Langley, BC our flagship ReFeed Farm uses traceable recovered nutrients from the food industry to feed People, Livestock and Plants. Our closed loop agricultural system uses circular economic principles to:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Address food insecurity
  • Contribute to local food security
  • Reduce phosphorous on farmland
  • Produce sustainable protein
  • Produce organic microbial rich growing mediums
  • Reduce on-farm chemical use
  • Be a community showcase for modern agriculture

We believe in complete


With the help of our food industry partners, we will be able to trace nutrients from the farm where food was grown to our farm where the nutrients were recovered to the stores where produce grown with our nutrients are sold – a complete closed loop traceable system.


We believe in complete honesty and transparency about our closed loop system. This includes lifting the veil off of what is really happening to commercial amounts of rejected and unsold food, and how ReFeed is spearheading the movement to reclassify nutrients that can go back into the food chain as recoverable nutrients versus the current classification as food waste.


What makes ReFeed truly great is the sum of all parts and that means collaborating with all stakeholders to bring this concept to fruition. ReFeed is a company that everyone can be a champion for and proud of.


ReFeed farms are smaller scale purpose-built facilities that are in balance with the surrounding community. We want our farms to be community showcases, that provide education about sustainable agriculture and are inviting for families to experience farm life.

Nutrient Recovery Hierarchy

ReFeed Farm Langley, is the first facility of its kind in Canada to follow a Nutrient Recovery hierarchy at one facility. With a modular design and multiple processing capabilities in place, we are able to ensure that all nutrients are used to their highest value.

Feed People

  • In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, ReFeed Langley is converting a 5500 sq.ft. warehouse space into a Food Recovery Hub where pallets of rejected and unsold produce are culled, regraded and redistributed back to people in need.
  • ReFeed grows mini cucumbers in 150,000 sq/ft of greenhouse space in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and marketed through our marketing agency Windset Farms.

Feed Livestock

  • ReFeed incorporates commercial scale worm farms into our modular system to convert recovered nutrients into sustainable protein (worm protein) and organic microbial rich worm castings for regenerating local farmland, elimination of chemical fertilizers and growing of nutrient rich food.
  • Recovered nutrients that are unable to be used in our livestock operation are redistributed to local farmers to help feed their livestock nutrient rich produce.

Feed PLants

  • Microbial rich worm castings will be produced at ReFeed and used to grow organic produce in our greenhouses and fields. Combining castings with quality organic rich compost creates the perfect “live soil” growing medium for our crops as well as for local farms to support organic regenerative agriculture.
  • ReFeed Biotech — the R&D arm of ReFeed, will develop organic fertilizers from insect and livestock based manures with a goal of eliminating 75% of chemical fertilizers used for food production within 50km of any ReFeed Farm.

Feed Soil

  • ReFeed is working with local dairy farms to develop manure management solutions that will divert manure solids to our farm as feed for our worms. This will ensure a balanced fertilization of farmland by farmers by reducing phosphorous application by up to 50%.
  • ReFeed will work collaboratively with farmers and municipalities in the Fraser Valley to develop industry specify PPP (Public, Private Partnership) ReFeed facilities that address the needs of the farming industry and support sustainable agriculture.

What makes ReFeed dynamic is the alignment of all stakeholders under one closed loop system.


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ReFeed aligns with local municipalities by helping address local food insecurity and the redistribution of food. We provide a community gathering place, farmers market, local grown produce, reduction of chemical fertilizers, demonstrate sustainable agriculture in the region and work with local farms to develop manure management programs. Our farms create jobs, contribute to taxes and the local economy.

Food Industry

Food processors, grocery stores, produce importers and grading facilities are all responsible for the disposal of their unsold food. ReFeed is aligning all of these companies through our collection program and nutrient recovery system to ensure there is complete transparency and traceability for the recovered nutrients while keeping processing fees as low as possible. We are focussed on commercial amounts of recoverable nutrients, so by aligning the industry we are able to create scale, maximize nutrient recovery, reduce environmental impact and lower costs to our partners.


ReFeed works with local livestock farmers to divert manure into our nutrient recovery system. Our manure management solutions will help reduce land application of phosphorous by up to 50% reducing the amount of phosphorous leaching into the soil and ultimately reducing the algae blooms in our waterways.

Any excess recovered produce and bakery nutrients unfit for human consumption or for use in our worm farm will be made available to local farmers as a feed for their animals which helps reduce their operational costs and contribute to stable pricing at the retail level.

Food Banks

In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank we have created a culling facility at our Langley farm to maximise the amount of produce recovered from palletised rejected loads. Usable produce gets redistributed and reprocessed into value added products, unusable product moves on into our nutrient recovery system at the same facility where it will used as livestock feed or converted into nutrient rich fertilizers.

Further development of a social enterprise food processing facility at the farm will create value added products from recovered nutrients and in turn fund employment of marginalised individuals.


ReFeed British Columbia

Our flagship location, located in beautiful Millner Valley a historical farming community in the Township of Langley, BC. Like many communities across Canada, densified residential construction is encroaching on agricultural land making it challenging for traditional farming to take place. ReFeed Millner Valley provides the community with a showcase of modern farming in balance with the local community. The facility demonstrates a modular system which includes the Greater Vancouver Food Bank culling and processing facility, in-vessel composting system, commercial worm farm, manure management system for the local dairy farm, greenhouse produce, farmers market, animal hobby farm and gathering area for community educational and entertainment events.

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Align with ReFeed

For more information on how your organisation can work with ReFeed Canada to close the nutrient recovery loop, support organic regenerative agriculture, or build a ReFeed facility in your community, please fill out and submit the form and a member of our team will reach out to you within 48 hours.

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