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ReFeed + Distributed Products


Living Soil Blend

This blend of living soil organisms and selected minerals and organic material will improve plant vigour and maintain healthy plant growth for the season.

Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust is mined from a piedmont glacial moraine in British Columbia, Canada. It is a source of natural minerals that plants may need to thrive. This product can be used on farms, home gardens, and landscapes for a full range of plant types.

Liquid Seaweed Extract

ReFeed Seaweed Extract is a liquid extract of cultivated cold water seaweed (Saccharina/atissima)designed for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse use on flowers,house plants, fruit, vegetables, vines, lawns, shrubs and trees.


Our pure wormcast compost provides your growing mix with all the living goodness to improve your plant production, quality and natural resistance. Vermicompost is proven to increase nutritional density of food.

Living Top Dressing Blend

This blend of living worm cast and composts is the ideal top dressing to maintain the living organisms in your soil. Perfect for top dressing lawns, plant beds and trees for the growing seasons. INGREDIENTS: worm cast, living composts and fine bark.

Worm Castings

ReFeed’s Worm Castings are produced to be fungal dominant, high in organic material and humus, thus supporting strong plant growth. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Garden and Landscape: Mix 2 L per m2 (½ gal. per 10 ft2) once per month. Transplanting: Mix 5 – 10% ReFeed Worm Castings with soil or growing medium. Lawn: Apply up to 2.8 kg per 10 m2...