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BioSoil - Best Indoor/Outdoor Mix

BioSoil - Best Indoor/Outdoor Mix - Certified 100% Organic with BioChar Uses: A special soil blend designed for indoor or outdoor growing applications. Ideal for plants grown in pots, planters, cold frames or greenhouses. Promotes growth requiring less watering and nutrients resulting healthier plants. (1 cu ft / 28.3 L) Item Number Size  RF-63571-S1 1QT Pouch RF-63571-C10 1QT Case of 10 RF-63571-C20 1QT Case of 20 RF-63572-S1 28.3L Bag  RF-63572-P40 Pallet of 28.3L Bag (40 bags) RF-63573-BB2.5 2.5 cu.yd Tote 

BioChar can be used as a direct amendment to soil. Prior blending of this BioChar product with compost, peat, or other soil supplements that are rich in nutrients is recommended. Blending ensures suitable nutrients are readily available to plants.