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LitterMate LitterMate is BioChar Enhanced - Pellet Form Odor Control For Cat Litter - Eliminates Odor, Extends Life Of All Cat Litter, Great For Small, Confined Spaces, Non-Toxic Chemical Free 1 Pouch = (.75 L ~ 3 cups) Enough for 3 - 6 Litterbox Changes / Pouch Item Number Size  RF-63581-S1 .75L Pouch  RF-63581-C10 Case of 10 (.75L Pouches) RF-63581-C40 Case of 40 (.75L Pouches)

BioChar can be used as a direct amendment to soil. Prior blending of this BioChar product with compost, peat, or other soil supplements that are rich in nutrients is recommended. Blending ensures suitable nutrients are readily available to plants.